The calendar is not full, but the 15 appointments or so already booked into the future are exciting. David Scarola Photography is lining up projects that continue to turn out excellent photography for clients. Discover together with Dave how fun and rewarding photo shoots are. Contact DSP at 561.632.8316 or email at [email protected]

Get the children off to school at 7am and then head over to the beach to catch a sunrise. There you will find Dave Scarola doing pictures or morning meditation or swimming in the surf. Essentially there isn't a better way to get the day started; first with family and then with God. Join Dave and the birds- you won't regret it.
These are really pretty. They live in the Atlantic Ocean, close to the surface of the water. They have a gas-filled bladder, which remains at the actual surface, while the rest is sinking. The beautiful Portuguese man o' war has no means of propulsion, did you know that? This is how they move; quite simply, according to the winds, currents, and tides. Most commonly the man o'war can be found in the open ocean in tropics and subtropical regions. Occasionally they are spotted quite north of the tropics. Formidable winds do drive them into bays or onto beaches, as seen here in this photo by David Scarola Photography in Jupiter, Florida. Often, finding a single Portuguese man o' war is followed by finding many others in the vicinity. In Florida, where Dave Scarola lives, this is presently exactly what is happening. They do indeed sting while beached, so beware of this, although certainly take the time to admire the beauty of the man o'war while you are enjoying the beauty of the beaches. The discovery of a man o' war washed up on a beach may lead to the closure of the beach but in South Florida this is not generally going to be of concern.
Indulging in life through Photography With David Scarola Photography. He's a professional photogrpaher working with clients in many parts of the world, but he's also quite simply a beach wandering man of south florida, a beach wandering man of Nicaragua, wandering around Jamaica, found in Costa Rica, and frequently in the Bahamas, and over the summer he was spotted on beaches in Oregon and Barcelona. He's been called illusive, but he is most certainly approachable and attainable. Book a shoot with David Scarola Photography or buy fine art by way of calling DSP at 561.632.8316 or emailing [email protected]
David Scarola Photography has 15 appointments set for future dates and nearly 4 or 5 days every week new appointments are getting sorted and confirmed. That is an approximation worth discussing. Positive Growth! We are up from last year, which was up from the year before, and the year before. David Scarola Photography collaborates with cool people on cool projects, more frequently this year than last year. That's the idea and it's not unreasonable to consider that next year DSP will be fielding inquiries 7 days a week, landing more and more and more. So yes, DSP is keeping excited about future appointments.
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Holding The Sony A7Riii with the FE 4.5-5.6 100-400 / GM OSS, David Scarola Photography is Geared Up and working magic. Traveling The World in photographic pursuits has never been better.