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Open up and see what happens. Do that again tomorrow. Eventually the window opens and the scenery is unveiled. So it goes with the work and life of American Photographer, David Scarola.

Have you ever put together a website? How much time have you put into on the backend of a website? Does a website matter to your business? Dave puts a lot of time intermittently into turning into something worth a damn. Photography websites abound. Holy mackerel do they. O and ah... great fucking photography abounds. Wow! As a photographer it's easy to be impressed and jealous. David Scarola Photography stands on the shoulders of giants. Inch by inch we crawl, and then walk a little way, and perhaps scoot a moment at a rapid pace and fall, and then try again, and run a spell before veering out of control into a wall or a ditch, climb up and dust off and do again and again. The backend of the website is daunting each new time we approach it because there is so much that can be and therefore so much undone. Dave wants it all for the DSP website. He's been crawling a long way in search of it. Well, ha, here it is today! And here's a new picture added to the blog, a screen shot of pictures actually, a screen shot of pictures on the backend of the website most accurately. It's DSP RAW, it is DSP the backend. It is DSP exposed. The process is real people. The process is a drooling dragging beast of a thing that we love! Beside all that, be cool and do a great favor to humanity and call DSP to book your photo shoots from now on. Why? Because David Scarola Photography is awesome and so are you ๐Ÿ™‚
You decide to a family weekend or a girls weekend or a golf trip and miraculously you end up in the hometown of Dave Scarola. He's a photographer and you want your party photographed for an hour or two. Yes! Call David Scarola Photography! You will not regret working with DSP, because the professionalism, experience and product are remarkable. Book a photo shoot anywhere in Florida with David Scarola Photography.
Medical Practice Photographer, David Scarola, Working With Juno Beach Animal Hospital and Southern Veterinary Partners. They needed something turned around rapidly. The doctors typically don't want to bother with the marketing, especially especially within doctor groups, as in what is happening a lot here in South Florida, with practices getting purchased and grouped under a partner or group title. Whatever the situation, the doctor is busy and has a few breaths only for the photographer coming to gather photographer for medical practice marketing materials. David Scarola Photography specializes in putting doctors at ease and grabbing the medical practice photography you need. Hire DSP to do your marketing photography, you will enjoy the experience of working with David Scarola Photography and quite certainly the results of the shoots you hire Dave to deliver on.
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