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I broke a speed light right away. And that's how it started. But I tell you, move beyond it fast, and make the shoot f'ing awesome. Equipment is going to get some of whatever the environment will offer. Predict that. Certainly, cameras, lights and lenses are top priority for being attentive and deliberate. Though it's best to go hard for what you are there for and that is to make a damn good picture. Right? Learning to work with your gear and do amazing photographs in various environments just takes years and years of practice. You know it already ๐Ÿ™‚
When speed lights drop off the camera or a bad balancing act brings a tripod down and it happens, a lot more than I like, I deal with it. Just keep shooting. Yep, right here is where that happened. But I shot the shot and I like it a lot.
Check out Chelsea's IG Feed. Also keep an eye out for her Island Bahamas Retreats. We did a promo shoot for her latest endeavor with her great friend and awesome yoga Instructor, Deedra.
Why not try to include some people fishing or passerbys with cameras and strollers. The environment is there. Options are abundant for angles and scenes. Don't be bashful, do experiment freely.
Get in the street. Now down to the ground we go! Photography is a practice of being creative with light and angles and working with people in compositional efforts to produce emotion of some kind. Sure, the viewers emotions count. But I mean to say the photographer and subjects really experience this. Because it's art. The project is an experience and it's possible that the experience can be so superb. What's all that mean ๐Ÿ™‚ Hahaha. Shoot high, shoot low, shoot wherever you can go.
She's so darn light and pretty; an angel who could lift off the ground and stay in the air forever.
Do you see in the background there are the small blurred shapes of the two people sharing a special moment? Kind of cool ๐Ÿ™‚ The rock Chelsea sits on is at the inlet in Jupiter. The famed Lighthouse of Jupiter is behind the photographer to the west and just on the south side of the waterway. Chelsea is modeling a body glove wetsuit. She has an inspiring love of surfing, free diving, and just about anything to do with Mother Ocean.
Dubois Park in Jupiter, Florida Photo Shoot with David Scarola Photography
We shot this morning for 3 hours. Chelsea asked what to wear. "Bring a variety," is what I told her. Finding beauty with a person through photography is such a deep joy. Chelsea loves making pretty photographs as much as Dave does.
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These looks from her will grab you. Be careful.
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