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Phil is a character. Fun to be around. Get him over a fine white tequila and philosophize for an hour or two; the opportunities are there to get to know an awesome guy who cares about people a lot and health and fitness.

This is Phil Fit at the Real Fitness gym in Jupiter. What a cool spot in South Florida to push yourself hard and tighten things up, physically and mentally. That's what Phil has been doing for himself and his clientele. Check it out. David Scarola Photography got together with the big strong man late last week for an hour in the gym, Dave Scarola style ๐Ÿ™‚ Palm Beach photography and photo shoots with Dave produce epic quality photographs. Contact DSP to schedule your photo next shoot. Phil got married last year and didn't hire Dave Scarola. But he was at the Grand Canyon or something and doubly didn't know Dave then. He wouldn't make that mistake now ๐Ÿ™‚ Right Phil? Book your wedding photography with DSP, your corporate photography, medical practice photography, real estate shoots, whatever you need in pictures, think of David Scarola Photography. Dave is a pro. Let's shoot!
Soul Grateful is the company and brand of Phil's lovely wife, Amber Rose. They are driving the Soul Grateful products forward with Amber's brain and beauty and Phil's high energy and strong pursuits. David Scarola Photography brought the Broncolor Siros L lights into the gym with Phil and grabbed at the throat of creativity, squeezing delicious out of 60 minutes of photography efforts ๐Ÿ™‚ Soul Grateful is grateful, Dave and Phil got some kick ass shots in the gym. More to come from the two of them.
Redline is an energy drink Phil Fit is connected to. This dude takes a big gulp and roars in excitement, "I'm on Redline, Baby!!!" He's scary. Then he's cracking up smiling, lighting up the gym brighter than Dave Scarola's Broncolor strobes. DSP set aside 75 minutes for this Friday afternoon "in the gym" shoot with Exercise Guru Phil Fit. Hilarious or not, consider this is Dave's first time in any gym in 10 years? Alos, the first of 3 planned shoots with Phil Fit and Amber Rose and David Scarola Photography.
This is how you do it if you want to rock great abs. Phil's keeping at it. Dave's got two Broncolor Siros L lights set up. David Scarola Photography is going to do what it takes, you know it. Dave's back was smashed into a machine and neck arched laying on the left side on top of the rope; to get your shots in photography, in the real game of photography, you will ache and if you aren't a little bit, your shots aren't great and getting better. Nobody wants to stay at the same place. The possibilities are enormous. What will you do with your shot? David Scarola Photography is on a rocket ship! Come on Phil Fit! Let's go! Book your shoot and your flight with DSP Today! You won't regret it, it's fun and productive!
Don't forget the importance of a great stretch. You want to keep the muscles in your body flexible, strong and healthy don't you? Keep in mind also that stretching helps to maintain a satisfying range of motion in your joints. Don't put yourself at risk with weak muscles that inflexible; when you are at risk, you hurt, you strain, and damage the body you rely upon. Be smart and stretch! And keep this in mind also... when you find that you are next in need for professional photography, contact American Photographer David Scarola.
Be Soul Grateful with Phil Fit.
In the gym with fitness guru and professional hype-man Phil Fit
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