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The general idea is to have a great time and capture awesome family portraits; to make photo shoots exciting and the imagery amazing! I am good about getting everyone into the right spirit, about relaxing the timid, and bringing the best of out of families during photo sessions; and in addition to the family pictures standing out for color, clarity, and creativity, this is why I am sought after in family photography.

After 7 years of photographing for clients, I have facilitated more than 400 family shoots. The information and pricing mentioned here is what is arranged most commonly and also that which seems to work best for the families I work with. It has been my motto, from the beginning, that I would prefer not to let pricing interfere with my involvement in exciting projects, so variations are possible and arranged upon request.


$675 (family session of 7 people or fewer)

$750 (family session of 8 to 12 people)

$825 (family session of 13 to 19 people)

$900 (family session of 20 to 30 people)

$1000 (family session of 31 people and above)



  • This is a full-shoot ordinarily at 1 location, which will usually last 75-90 minutes
  • Final locations are determined by clients; I am happy to discuss ideas
  • Locations, at this price point, will be between South Palm Beach and Hobe Sound
  • Morning shoots will ideally begin a few minutes before the sun breaks the horizon
  • Evening shoots will ideally begin 90 minutes to two hours before the sunset
  • Ideal times are not the only times for pictures, but offer ideal lighting for creative results
  • Ultimately, the time of the shoot is up to you and dependent upon your schedule and needs
  • Dates are arranged through discussion



  • The Photo Shoot, my expertise and photography equipment
  • Link to an online Proof-gallery of approximately 80 to 120 full-resolution images ( via dropbox and )
  • “Proofs” are “partial-edits”; images prepared for client-enjoyment with minimal time put into post-production
  • I will pass along the link to the proof-gallery within 4 days of the photo shoot, sometimes within 2 days (if this is not feasible at a particular time, due to a booked schedule or travel, I will communicate this)
  • If I put an image in the proof-gallery, it means I am pleased with the image and confident in sharing it
  • All proofs or “partial-edits” are yours to keep; you can download, print, and share
  • 15 “Edits”- Selections of your choice from the proof-gallery
  • Additional Edits are $40 for a single picture
  • I spend significantly more time working on “edits”, sometimes up to 45 minutes on a picture; it’s when I can make the magic happen, or put another way, it’s where I “bring the best out of the picture”
  • With time put into editing, all proofs can be improved in one way or another
  • Editing is the process by which I pay further attention to facial details, color details, add necessary contrasting, and photo embellishments, do eye, mouth, or facial swaps (when necessary and possible)
  • I don’t add family members who are not part of the photo shoot to pictures (I am frequently asked to do this)
  • Edited Image Files will be delivered via dropbox, a link will be emailed
  • USB drives are available for $30
  • I am happy to discuss albums and prints; though I am not going to list pricing and details here. I do really enjoy bringing imagery to life through print because it can become a way to experience and not just view an image.
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