Bring the underwater world to vision with David Scarola Photography. David Scarola is a well respected South Forida based photographer, offering innovative underwater photography in and around Jupiter and Palm Beach, Florida. He is adept at crafting unique photographic experiences – ones in this conversation that are particular to highlighting the underwater world… to make your heart sing and your mind wander. With his creativity, artistic vision, underwater and water photography will no longer be just a beautiful picture, but something more exceptional. David Scarola thinks the underwater environment is the perfect ambiance to indulge in the fascinations with art, life, and creative pursuits.

David Scarola Photogrpahy underwater photography in Palm Beach County, Florida involves creating incredible imagery in a complicated and exciting environment. It can appear effortless but it isn’t but it is most definitely an embodiment of great potential for beauty. David Scarola is focused on the visual aesthetic while photographing the intrinsic details of the underwater world often while putting into practice the art of portraiture. Amidst the movement of water, David captures a flash in time through his lens and the complexity of being still in the moment. His innovative underwater photography is not just a metaphor for life, but it’s his life and work.

Book an underwater photography session with David Scarola and let us create dreamy, dreamlike, and fascinating images!

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Admirals Cove in Jupiter Florida at Sunrise by David Scarola Photography