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Photographing Corporate Teams and Posing Groups Of People

Thoughts about corporate portrait work, in particular shooting and photographing teams and posing groups of people.

I find it to be an incredibly rewarding experience, requiring production and leadership

skills, technical acumen, and foremost , awareness of the dynamics at play in the group. First, I observe the team. This is a quick study and an integral part of the process, witnessing the dynamics within the group and gaining a reading of the unique personalities and strengths. Each team member brings their own energy and level of comfort to the photo shoot. One of my key jobs as the photographer is to create the environment where they feel comfortable to both blend in and stand out, confidently. This makes allowance for the individuals place in the group and their corporate, professional essence to be conveyed. I aim to capture both team unity and cohesion, and individuality.

I want the picture to tell the story of the mission they are aligned with and what makes this team successful in pursuit of their mission.

I always feel a sense of privilege to be a part of my client’s journey and to contribute to their professional image and brand. As always, Thank you to all of my clients who hire me and refer me. It is always my pleasure to serve in art and business through my work in photography.

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