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Poem For The Jupiter Lighthouse

In a land where waves crash and roar,

Stands a lighthouse, strong and sure.

Its beacon shines through the darkest night,

Guiding ships with its radiant light.

Oh, revered lighthouse, tall and grand,

A symbol of hope across the land.

With every flicker, every gleam,

You guide our souls, encouraging our dreams.

Your tower stands against the storm,

A guardian, steadfast and warm.

Through fog and mist, you pierce the gloom,

Leading our journeys safely home.

At sunrise, the lighthouse gleams,

A golden halo, painting dreams.

Its silhouette against the sky,

A breathtaking sight, oh, how it sighs.

And as the sun sets, colors ablaze,

The lighthouse stands in a fiery haze.

A masterpiece of hues so grand,

A sight that takes our breath, unplanned.

Oh, revered lighthouse, day and night,

Your beauty shines with pure delight.

Oh, lighthouse, a beacon of grace,

Your presence brings solace to this place.

A sentinel, watching from afar,

You guide us with your guiding star.

So let us honor this majestic sight,

A lighthouse, shining with all its might.

For in its glow, we find our way,

Forever grateful for its guiding ray.

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