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South Florida’s Mullet Run

Mullet Manifesto

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Oct 10, 2021- Juno Beach, Florida

Featuring 6 tarpon, almost mid-air amongst the massive, migrating mullet schools; The mullet run is a visually stunning spectacle teeming with nature’s raw, cyclic energy.

These mullet are a total feast for many marine predators, but also part of an important ecological event. The mullet are a moving biomass serving as a significant nutrient transport, linking many marine ecosystems and contributing to a balanced oceanic environment. The predatory species help regulate the mullet populations, preserving a balanced and healthy ecology.

This mullet migration traverses hundreds of miles along the Florida coast, triggering a feeding frenzy, like the incredibly epic one depicted in this  picture  here from October 2021. Other predators are involved of course, including sharks, and snook. 

The tarpon are the silvery leaping kings of  "Mullet Manifesto;" while feeding on the mullet, the airborne tarpon employ a predation strategy called "rolling.”

The astonishing behavior of the tarpon underscores a rich biodiversity wrapped in this migratory event. Here's to celebrating the splendid complexity and beauty of our oceans and our ability to magnify it through art.

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