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Dave and his gang of 7 arrived home and settled from their spontaneous family North Carolina adventure at 10pm.  It’s South Florida cold in Palm Beach Gardens today; certainly not Beech Mountain, North Carolina cold, as it was their first morning there.  The car ride from Palm Beach to the Boone, North Carolina area was a long 13 hours and 30 minutes.  Due to the needs of the particular 7 road-trippers between ages 6 and 42 years, an additional two hours can always be added to long car trips; bet on it.  This is noteworthy:  Throughout the ride, both the Sony A9 and the Sony A7riii cameras sit accessible by David Scarola.  He is in the habit of always being on the lookout for a photogenic scene and the cameras being handy is a must.  The invented motto “Learn to look, learn to see…  Learn to listen, lear to hear,” is in his heart and has been helpful to the cause of personal and professional growth since adoption a decade ago.  Amongst the pictures below is a cityscape scene of Jacksonville, Florida taken from the vantage of an Interstate 95 n/s overpass.  Keep in mind as you scroll the images below that it’s always so exciting for a family of Floridians, living in the geographical flatness of South Florida, when on a road trip, when the first signs of mountains and hilly winding country roads happen upon them.  Dave and Annette and gang ended up in North Carolina ski country.  Some of them with intentions and strong desire to ski, some of them not.  Dave is the dad with a strong penchant for photography and nature and quiet and peaceful wandering.  Annette is the mom with urges to have the most fun she can, she’s been that way since she was 2.  She is determined to see it all through to epic conclusion, in spite of long lines, expensive lift tickets, and crowded slopes or too-short tubing runs.  Dave and Annette are total lovebirds.  They accommodate one another, and compliment one another.  The negotiations between their sometimes divergent inclinations are not always without argument and hurt feelings; of course!  Nevertheless, let it be said that Dave and Annette are there to see each other’s dreams come true.  Let’s add furthermore, that when it comes to successes for everyone, wildlife always wins!  Throughout the weekend, and in similar past experiences, all 5 kids and mom and dad all love spontaneous deer and wildlife sightings.   Around Cedar Village in Beech Mountain deer are fairly prominent.  Photographically speaking, wildlife, landscapes, farmhouses, horses, dilapidation, striking river, lake and creek scenes are what Dave is looking out fear.  He is geared up and ready for action.  Speaking of Dave’s gear, it’s excellent.  David Scarola Photography is equipped with all the lenses, bodies, lights, and accessories that are necessary.   Amazingly awesome Broncolor Siros L strobes frequently travel on location with Dave as he works with clients, Sony Speedlights help add interesting lighting to the weddings and events he works, studio continuous lights for studio shoots, lighting wise, he’s not perfect, as can be further discussed, but he is equipped, no doubt.  We can talk about lenses too, as Dave has an arsenal thought still, he’s left wanting.  Let’s explain like this:  A few items of interests remain.  In professional photography, with respects to camera and photography gear, that will not ever be the case.  Latest gear will always entice!  For Dave at present, what is desired are 4 different acquisitions…  1) a fast, delicous 600mm telephoto lens, which to purchase costs $10k on the low end… 2) a Nauticam Housing For the Sony a7r3 to replace the one he currently uses to house his Sony a7r2… 3) a kick ass LED lights kit consisting of a minimum of 3 powerful LED lights, which if Dave gets what he wants will cost $7,000.00… AND LASTLY… 4) a $10,000.00 drone set including the DJI Inspire 2 with the Zenmuse x7 camera body and the 3 lenses.  Traveling is a part of it all too, and it should be stated this isn’t just personal, it’s not just fun, adventure and excitement.  Dave is a travel photographer and Annette is a product designer and saleswoman, President of Nikiani, Inc.  To grow they must go!  Dave and Annette often decide last minute to spring into family adventure action mode, for all of their reasons.  That is exactly what happened last Wednesday, the 23rd of January when Dave and Annette were working from their home offices.  Dave was listening to  4-hour Work Week, by Timothy Ferris, on YouTube audio.  The author inspired Dave to create excitement for himself, his business and his family.  The kids, in particular, Samson and Niki, and perhaps Nicholas also, had been talking continuously about seeing snow since early October.  Annette encouraged the heck out of this chatter.  Dave felt it too and in all truthfulness he encouraged the dream trip also.  Let it be known, 4 days in North Carolina is not their dream trip; especially consider after all that two full days were spent commuting.  This past weekend was closer to their concession.  Niki, you could say, went so far as to say she can’t couldn’t possibly go another year without seeing snow, frequently explaining something to the likes of, “I’ll die if we don’t go.”  Those family pleadings in conjunction with Dave’s desire to participate in travel photography of any kind outside of South Florida pushed the envelope.  Dave and Annette and their small army of kids embarked at 5am Friday morning with no more of a plan than to drive towards Beech Mountain, North Carolina.  Actually.   Annette, is a free bird, though that’s been established, let’s add this about her, because she is in fact a very astute and creative business woman. She is actually in a mental space currently, in life and business, where her mentality is to fight very strong inclinations for spontaneous travel.  Spontaneous travel, even when it comes to work trade shows, which are infinitely helpful to her business growth, interrupt planning and fulfillment in her complex business network.  These gaps in best-use-of-time-productivity keep her from gaining certain traction in her bottom line.  Here’s something else you should know; last Thursday afternoon, Annette was given the out; Dave told her to stay behind at home and spend a quiet weekend working.  The responsible Annette was not strong enough for the adventure/excitement seeking Annette.  She was going!  “Families stick together,” she said, or “whole families go on vacation”, or something like that was spoken the afternoon before they left.  Dave’s packing habits are becoming more refined.  The tripod is crucial.  Cumbersome, yes, tripods,  aren’t convenient to hike with and travel with but darn-it they are useful in achieving quality photography.  Dave recently bought a tripod should strap.  He loves it.  He used it throughout the weekend on his hikes.  In using a tripod, Dave can set up a shot and have 6 year-old Nicholas click the shutter.  That’s just the start of it.  Lot’s more to come of that on the blog. This past weekend, in particular on Saturday and Sunday, their days in the mountains were short.  Two days driving.  Those were the long days.  A Full day in the car from Palm Beach Gardens to Banner Elk, North Carolina; a full day in the car from the mountains back to the Palm Beaches.  One full day of exploration and enjoyment on Saturday, that went by way too quick.  Sunday also, a day dedicated to getting lost in playful adventure, tubing and hiking, that went by in a flash; they all had it in the back of their minds, especially Dave, that early the following morning they were driving back.  They did not end up skiing.  Should the trip have been extended 2 or 3 more days, they would have skiid Beech Mountain.  Also, the Scarola family was about 3 trail hikes and waterfalls short, and 130 huge icicles short of their North Carolina mountain desires.  Let’s talk money again for a moment because Dave is fanatical about keeping a record of expenses.  Precisely $2096.78 was spent on the Scarola Family excursion, including everything.  Considering 4 full days of family travel in a Honda Odyssey, what do you think?  7 people?  Dave and Annette took the kids to the Inn at Crestwood in Boone, North Carolina on night 1.  After dark they arrived, on Frida night.  The Honda Odyssey departed Palm Beach County at 5am and pulled into the lot of the Inn at Crestwood, which seemed to them at the time to be at the very top of the mountain, at 7:30pm.  That’s a total of 11 stops and 13 hours and 30 minutes of driving.  For all these family trips, certain and concrete expectations do exist, to Dave it seems there are an infinite number of them.  Perhaps for Niki and Nicholas, snow equated to skiing.  Skiing therefore was for them a great expectation of this “let’s go see snow” vacation.  Beech Mountain, Sugar Mountain, and Appalachian Mountain are after all right there! Look, there’s snow!  People are skiing!  “Can we go skiing!” “Please!” “Please!”  Dave and Annette wanted to also.  In fact, all 7 of them wanted to go skiing.  Annette was ready to throw down on it.  Dave wanted to also but did not want to throw down the money.  In further truth of what Dave did in fact wish not to do, he didn’t want to spend his precious vacation time standing standing in ticket lines, lift lines, equipment lines, nor did he wish to feel crowded out, rubbing shoulders with thousands of others in small stuffy ski lodges.  Besides, it was going to put them over budget!  Fiscally speaking, Dave was keeping tabs on two trips simultaneously.  First trip was the present trip, North Carolina Mountains.  $2,000.00 was the budget cap.  The second trip Dave was keeping tabs on fiscally was the next trip.  Destination Cuba, coming up within the next 6 weeks.  And keep in mind also, the list of items David Scarola Photography has its sights set on, because the equipment list alone gets expenses for DSP to $26,000. Dave has to mind all of that.  Right?  Because if Dave does not mind the business budget, there is presently no one else on earth who is going to mind it and the whole thing implodes and dies.  Annette loves the hikes too!  All the kids have such a blast hiking, finding icicles, climbing fallen trees and waterfalls, and searching for and enjoying the awesomeness of the natural world.  It’s almost free!  There are costs associated with true enjoyment, but it’s almost free 🙂  Photographically speaking, to get amazing shots can be costly, and for our purposes that both is and is not a part of this present conversation.  Discern for yourselves.  Also, speaking photographically, as can be expected, the more time and diversity Dave or any photographer puts into working certain terrain or locations, and the more experience and repetition put in, the better the compositions will be.  Dave didn’t have much time this past weekend.  Simply if he wasn’t ready, he missed the shot.  Not an option for him, but shoot, he was traveling with his army of 5 kids, who he is responsible for.  Big responsibilities!   That’s just the immediate too.  Further considerations to account for as well:  Client considerations.  The 2 weekends prior to spending the weekend in North Carolina, Dave photographed weddings and although the weddings are done, in actuality, much work remains on each.  Other client work also; specifically three different headshot sessions, an event for the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County, and editing for Global Wings, a South Florida aviation company out of Boca that hires Dave for corporate and marketing photography.  Seriously heavy workloads for both Dave and Annette.  Annette’s work obligations are far more time consuming even than Dave’s.  So this trip and others are meant to lighten the family load for awhile. to break up some of the monotony.  Finding the right moment was not easy because for the past 2 months and the next 3 weeks, Harry and Samson’s JV and Varsity basketball schedules have played a dominatant role in  family life. And of course all 5 kid’s school schedules and work loads do also.  If you don’t follow Dave Scarola and Annette Mendoza on Instagram, please check them out.  The blog you are on now will now be the focal point for the writing and photography of David Scarola Photography.  Management of the instagram page for DSP is now being run by Anthony Clements.  This relieves Dave of the headache that comes with minding that page and gives him time to create content in camera and focus on writing content for the blog.  The goal is to evolve the blog and develop a YouTube presence as well, perhaps under the heading of DSP TV.

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